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Gift without love: Is online social gifting effective?


According to our research, there are over 10 Million people in US who exchange gifts by shopping and/or researching the Internet. This estimate being more than 9 months old, needs to be revised upwards due to the rise in internet social trends and recovery of economy.

According to another old research data, as much as 4% of household income is spared on gift exchanges. So gifting is serious business. But during 2012, according to CNN reporting, the returned items to the stores via the gift receipts where 35 Billions, doubling the number since 2008 same season. That clearly points towards a deficit on what people buy for others as gift and how others value them – at least 35 Billions worth of these gifts were not valued at all.

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Hope all of you had an unforgettable Christmas and you all got the gifts you wanted. I am sure you know how complicated the gifts for family and friends can get. Finding out what our loved ones really