Good Square is an unique social gifting app. It helps you easily find gift ideas among the many curated ideas it brings across many merchants. It helps figure out what your friends would really want before you purchase the gift, whether by looking at their wishlist or by poking them anonymously with gift ideas.

Good Square also helps you to log all the gift exchanges at one place – things you gave as well as receive, so that you and your friends both can be reminded later of your responsibilities and obligation.

Good Square brings wishlist, contacts, occasions management at one place so that you can manage your social life much more efficiently.


We know you love planning, thinking and shopping for gift all round the year. You do it so that you are ready with what you had planned when the time comes. You don’t leave things for last moment especially when it comes to gifting. You always wondered and wanted to figure out how your gifts will be received with your friends and family before you buy them. And, last but not the least – you meticulously write down what you received (and gave). If you do all that already, Good Square is your tool. If you do it by keeping mental notes, free yourself from pain – Good Square will remain free and easy to manage your gift exchanges.


Start with Registering – it’s very quick and easy. And then get started with building your contact list of friends and family whom you engage in gift exchange. Then start picking gift ideas and build your wishlists. There are many simple tools which you can use to create your wishlists. You can also pull your store registries (such as, Target, Amazon and Macy’s). The most amazing thing you can do is to tag your wishes, with your Contacts and Occasions. This way we will remind you about those occasions, as well as the gift ideas you tagged to them. When you are about to buy gifts, we will provide you tools to run a anonymous quiz to figure out if they would really like it. In this whole process, you will be better served if you invite your Contacts and make sure that they join Good Square. Finally, keep every gift exchange logged in the Gift Journal – it is private, and secure and will help you with your decision in future.