How to become a curator?

Good Square welcomes small businesses to join Good Square and curate their products. This way Good Square can help small businesses to get more visibility and attention from our audience. Joining Good Square and becoming an Curator is easy. Read more:
Business Affiliates Welcome!

Gifting – How to figure out what they want?

Good Square can help you find out what your friends & family want. There are multiple tools which enable you to do your homework –

Contact’s Wishlist – if your friends are in the system and if you are connected with them, you can look at their wishlist. We recommend that, even when you have looked at their wishlist, you should verify by Gift Ginnie, to be sure.

Gift Ginnie allows you to select 5 gifts and send it to your contact anonymously. As shown below, you can run a quick quiz with your gift options and poke your friends anonymously.

Contacts – why organizing?

You have hundreds of contacts in your social networks – that’s a problem. It may be good to signal, how cool you are to those who are not your close ones, but it is distracting to those who really matters.

Good Square asks you to organize your contacts into “friends” & “family”. You must think of these people whom you actually interact, share occasions with, invite for parties, and exchange pleasantries – those whom you care about, and those who care about you. We ask you to organize them simply because, we want to remind and recommend gifts and occasions about only those who matters.

As you organize contacts, you will be able to connect with your friends & family (F&F), if they are also a member of Good Square “and” they have organized your as F&F. When you are connected, you will enjoy learning about what they want, and will be reminded of their key occasions.

How to gift?

Gifting is very old tradition, and it goes a long way when done properly. Research shows that people appreciate gifts which they really wanted. This sound common sense, but when it comes to gifting most of the people go for what they think is best, or buying pricy item to cast an impression. Research suggests that none of these tactics makes the best experience.

When you are gifting, they first thing to consider is “what they want?”. A little research about the recipient and putting yourself in their shoe will make anything you do, a memorable one. Remember – it’s the thought which counts?, once you found out what they wanted :-)

You must avoid last moment thinking – neither it is economically possible, not it is optimal for you to do your homework. Instead, you make sure that you are reminded a little bit in advance, do your research with a little bit of lead time, and bookmark your gift ideas so that you are reminded at the right moment.

[Image of gift tagging, occasion tagging, etc.]

When you do those two things – planning in advance, and figuring out what they want – it goes a long way by making a memorable moment. You deliver a gift wrapped in a pleasant surprise and a memorable story. And that is Goodsq :-)

Wishlist – how to import?

Your wishlist will be imported automatically, if you have provided us correct full name, and same email address which is associated with your store registry.

But just in case, if that doesn’t work out, you can try importing your store wishlists & registries by clicking the icons from the Task Bar inside Wishes tab (as shown in the graphics below).

[Image showing "Import Store Wishlist"]

If your wishlist/registries are at sources not included in our list of stores, let us know. We will try to integrate with them in our next attempt. You can tell us about your registries at “Profile > Settings

How to create contacts?

From the “contact” tab, you can click the “+” icon to add the contact.

You can tag the gifts ideas and send them surveys via email once they are added. But you may need to invite them to get the full benefits of this application.

Good Square allows many other easy ways for you to create your contact. Immediately after registration, we show you options to import your contacts. You can pull your contacts from one of the following sources — Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Yahoo!

You can also create your contacts by manually entering their full name, email address and phone number (email, phone being optional).

You may skip creating the contacts entirely, if that seems hassle. Your contacts will be automatically added when you tag them with Gifts and Wishlists, log the gift exchanges or anywhere else when you provide us their name. We will temporarily place them inside “Contacts > Others”. You will have plenty of opportunity in future to enhance their profile and invite them to become member of Good Square.

What do I register and get started?

Use of is free. To make most of this you have to join us and become our member. Registration is easy and free. You need to provide us with your email address during registration process. You will be asked to confirm your email address by going to your email account. This is to prevent from getting unauthorized accounts created in our system, and to provide you a secure access to our system.